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Strength Training

Strength training is vital when it comes to a balanced and healthy body. With proper strength training, you are essentially developing your muscle cells so that they are growing in both size and strength. Why does this matter? The more muscle you have, the more your metabolism is constantly working to deliver proper nutrients to all of these individualized muscle groups - meaning your body is burning more calories and eventually fat. And the more muscle you have, the more fuel your body desires and needs in order to maintain these muscle developments - meaning you actually need to consume more food. Yes, you heard me correctly, in order to stay more lean and fit, you actually need to eat more to fuel your muscles (Nutritional value in food is vital). Best of both worlds is it not? Nonetheless, many people neglect strength training and substitute it instead for endurance exercises such as running or jogging. What these people don't realize is that they may be doing more harm than good without even noticing it. Don't get me wrong, aerobic exercises are important and have significant health benefits and should be part of your regular workout regiment but they should never replace strength training. For starters, if you only emphasize your workout activities with aerobic practices such as jogging (for example, as a focus of getting leaner), you are actually putting yourself at a disadvantage due to the high energy intake over time that your body is demanding. What does this mean? Well, as you continue to run and your body has diminished most of its fat storage, the body will begin to target the next easiest energy source available as a means to keep up with your physical energy demands which are your muscles. And as you start to burn your muscles, your metabolism begins to slow down which ultimately leads you to gaining more weight while consuming less food than before - leaving you in a deeper hole than before.  But have no fear, that is why we have created this content and organized a system of exercise links below, for the amateur and experienced to all look at as a source of information that will hopefully expand your knowledge of the health fitness world while allowing you to pursue your ambitions in the most prominent way- with mind, body, and spirit awareness.