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Dean is truly incredible. I have been working with him for the last few years now and our sessions have had a profound effect. I've seen dramatic improvement to my work, personal and family life. Dean came highly recommended by close friends of mine and I'm so grateful to have found him.

~Bliss, Bay Area



Dean is powerful and talented. The minute he walks in the room you feel his high vibrational energy and he raises everyone up to him. That's because he lives and breathes gratitude and love. He truly walks his talk. 

 Dean is a master of insight and intuition and will laser in within minutes on the undigested things in your life, the places your energy is blocked and where this is holding you back. Dean sees you, sees through you and makes you feel seen and acknowledged. He is amazing at uncovering the specific emotion, events of my life, and what age I was when these things occurred, without me telling him, time after time. He has helped me release things I didn't even realize were an issue. With his guidance I have been able to release them. These are the things that would have become the dark night of my  soul if I hadn't acknowledged them and giving gratitude and love for the things they have taught me. Dean helped me heal these parts of me. I encourage you to have a session with Dean and to have tremendous faith in His ability to help you transform...he is the real deal. Thanks Dean.

 -Emily Dodge 2016



I've been a client of Dean's for many years now and I can honestly say, he has had a bigger impact than anyone else when it comes to changing tough situations in my life and transforming them into positive experiences.  I consider him a miracle worker when it comes to helping people emotionally neutralize a situation and approach it without any attached bias, stress, anxiety or any other negative emotion.  I highly recommend Dean as your healer through any tough situation you may find yourself in. 

 - Sandra


Dean is the bomb!

He runs the life line in a simplistic and unique way. He is a law of attrition aficionado! He’s a published author of the book “ Imagine Believe and Be”

His book came out before the secret, and it’s much better. Dean comes straight from the heart. He is caring, loving and when you interact with him you feel so good!

Playful, kind and humble. He’s a magical guy!

 Dean embodies this adage eloquently written by Maya Angelou

“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel”

Dean is a treasure!!!

With Infinite Love and Gratitude,

~Denise Garcia



I was introduced to Dean years ago by one of his clients. My life was changed forever. I had a heart attack and was on blood thinner and was in need to have my shoulder operated on. The blood thinners I was on wouldn't allow for my sugary a I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep with the pain. I was told to have a session with dean and he might be able to help. The next day after my session with Dean my pain was gone and NEVER came back nor did I ever get that shoulder fixed and it has worked fine ever since with no pain. 

 I recommend him to anyone I came in contact with that needs help with anything they were unable to handle or needed help with, not just pain.

 I have a good friend that was sick in bed for three weeks and couldn't get out of bed and didn't know what she was going to do, she needed to work. I told her to give Dean a call and the next day she was out of bed went back to work and living a normal life without her ailment she couldn't handle.

 My son has been using Dean for years for his business and personal positive energy. He has the most unbelievable success with his business's and personal life that he or you could ever imagine.

 Another person was having trouble with Migraine headaches and after her session with Dean the headache was gone and she could function without that annoying pain.

 Dean possesses a Positive energy like no other that can open doors in your life you never thought possible. If you are not sure of something he can bring clarity to any situation and make a difference to the out come.

  It is the most important improvement in your life you could ever imagine. You will be recommending him as well. He makes a positive difference.

 I highly recommend Dean for anyone that needs relief dealing with physical, emotional of personal problems. He makes a difference in everyone's life I have recommended him to.




Dean is so much of what this world needs. He is a highly skilled healer who is so down to Earth that he is highly effective in his craft. When I met him I was experiencing a lot of fear in my life & wasn't sure why. We did two sessions and with his help I uncovered a deep unconscious belief I had that had been laying dormant for years. After that session I felt lighter, more present and happier than I have felt in a long time. If you are thinking of working with Dean, definitely do it. He is so so good.


-Shereen Thor

Founder of www.awakentherebel.com


~Shereen Thor


Whether it's issues with health, business, relationships, or general happiness, Dean will help you fix it. He bats 1,000 with at the very least, making you feel better and more effective with how to handle any issue in your life. Often it's more than just empowering you; issues he works on with you often slowly melt away. I've seen this with my experience with him and with dozens of friends and family that have worked with him as well. I was stressed out with work and Dean talked me off of the cliff and into a balanced and positive perspective that then caused my attitude and my business to greatly improve. My dad had a severe shoulder injury that Dean worked on and healed literally overnight. A friend was severely and inexplicably depressed and Dean took him out of the darkness into the light in 1 session. For my wife, I saw him make a severe migraine headache vanish within 2 or 3 minutes. I have had about 50 sessions with Dean and continue to have sessions at least once or twice per month just for maintenance and occasional pick up. AND, in my experience phone sessions are as effective as in-person sessions so don't worry if you are not able to meet in person. Dean has a great energy that is 100% positive and a super nonjudgmental attitude that makes you feel comfortable to open up and allow him to get to work on any issue you have. Very strongly recommend Dean for anything you want to work on, fix, or just improve in your life!! 



When I started working with Dean I was having heart palpitations in my third trimester of pregnancy. Within one or two sessions they completely dissipated. I can remember the emotional connection from the present of feeling scared and out of control to a memory in my teens when I had those same emotions. I couldn't believe not only the physical relief but also an emotional release I didn't know I needed.

After 5 years of doing Lifeline with Dean, he has helped me clear physical issues I have had. Anxiety, migraines, vertigo, allergies, back pain, adverse reactions from medication to name a few. As for emotional issues I have found this work to help tremendously. It has helped me come to a neutral place so there isn't an emotional charge anymore. I also have found that if one thing feels out of balance I handle it right away whereas before I wouldn't have noticed an imbalance until a physical symptom appeared...and even then I wouldn't have made the connection of the emotions to physical issues.

I also have to say how much Dean has helped with my three children. We have seen significant improvements with eating habits & them getting along. Also, we have a child with Autism and with that comes things our whole family has to work through. Dean has helped us with our child's anxiety with school, behavior issues, & communication. Also, we have done sessions focused on our child's IEP at school. These are critical meetings about their education plan that can be intense. Dean cleared each person that was planning to attend the meeting so that when we discussed our child they without knowing came in a neutral position...this allowed us to have the best possible outcome for our child.

Overall, not only has this work improved my life but working with Dean is an honor. He is humble about his work, positive, easy to talk to, and always has such a great perspective about life. Thank you Dean for helping our whole family come from a place of love, and find gratitude in everything!!



Meeting with Dean on a regular basis has had a positive impact on my life that has been noticeable to every close person in my life.  Since I first met Dean, my family life has drastically improved, my business has grown, my interactions with people I know, and even strangers has changed in a way that is having such an awesome impact that it is difficult for me to describe.  I have learned to change my perception toward situations and welcome positivity and potential in every life situation.  Seeing this over just a short period of time, I am excited to see what other possibilities lie in the future.  Thank you Dean!   

~  Manny Vlachos


I started working with Dean in March 2016. Back then we started with basic mindfulness training. A one hour session.  I didn't know what to expect, but went in with an open mind because I knew I needed some kind of help.  I just wasn't sure what was causing me pain. And after just one session I saw immediate results in being mindful about my subconscious. I learned to enjoy and live in the moment. I also learned to love myself!  He helped me explore so much of my subconscious mind that was holding me back and triggering anxiety and stress.   I now know what to do when that part of my negative mind tries to cause me fear.  And I know it's not real.  Dean works with athletes, celebrities & entrepreneurs and with A type personality bankers like myself.  I even recommended him to a personal friend who has been trying to quit drinking. He helped her immensely as just as he helped me.  I actually became healthier and gave up alcohol as a personal choice, lost 35lbs, became top in my company in two financial categories, completed a 5k, a 10k and most recently a sprint Triathlon. I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on a couple sessions with Dean and my friends who I took to him.  He works miracles and in only about an hour or so. I always leave feeling a huge increase in mental clarity and I have a sharper focus.  I just feel more connected strongly to myself and to others. I leave with a sense of peace. Dean helps you release stress and tension naturally. And he give you the tools to continue on your own.   Most importantly he has helped me find a greater sense of being grounded.  I can now be centered and just be in the moment. He is a Healer. You'll feel a restorative healing Energy during your session. I've seen people cry with happiness during their sessions because they are finally able to forgive and let go of all the weight they've been carrying, for years in some cases.  He taught me how to free myself from physical, mental & emotional stress and tension. I cannot recommend him enough!  Whether you are extremely successful already or in a transition period of your life or if you just want to learn how to think differently and to get out of your head call Dean.  He's teaching me how to become a mastermind and to live life fully.  I'm honored to know him and to be able to share his gift with the world.

Lilly Canterbury 8/30/16



I would have never believe my results were possible!!!!! Tony S. Simi Valley CA My pet allergies are gone!!! No more sniffing or tearing eyes when visiting my parents and their 2 cats.......1 session too. I have already given your card out to 3 of my friends, and will continue to spread the word. Hugs and kisses Dean!!!

~Tracy Oxnard CA


I've been working with Dean for about 4 months now, a total of 6 sessions regarding various issues. The main issue I was suffering with was chronic back pain. After my first session, I experienced a 90% reduction in pain, and after my second session, the pain was completely gone. Its been 4 months of no pain, and I cant be more honest when I say, "Go see Dean for your pain". Thank you very much Dean, I hope someday I can repay you for changing my life!

~Steve H. Malibu CA


If you are reading these testimonials, and wondering if it can really be this easy, be assured it can be, then be hopeful and pick up the phone - I will be forever grateful I did. What I like the most is I don't have to make sense of past events, we just find the stuck energy and he helps to release it energetically. I don't have to be smart, I don't have to resolve it, Dean's Lifeline process releases the old energy because it has no place in my present. Easy. I was just reviewing all the testimonials and remembering when I first read them and they seemed too good to be true, but I was hopeful because had heard his interview on KCLU's Crosstalk program, and this seemed like something truly different, also Dean's gratitude for his work was refreshingly humble. I was going for bigger picture unhappiness in my life so it was not a clear cut "pain gone" experience. After the first session I felt a subtle difference: happy with out having to try so hard to be happy. Each session has seen progress; I have worked through five sessions over the course of five months with amazing results. I am now much happier and more confident. I had no idea events I thought I had left in my past were hanging around in my sub-conscious wreaking havoc with my present. Thanks for practical healing like ending a lifelong struggle with constipation. Amazing. I have found Dean to be very calm and obviously gifted in his work, and I feel very safe sharing often painful and humbling events as we work through releasing old energy patterns. The greatest gift is I feel is a sense of hope, the rest of my life is going to be so much happier. Wow. This has been the best investment I have every made. Thanks Dean.

~Suzette in Ventura


I had suffered with pain in my feet from ostio arthritis for years to the point that I could feel the bones running when I stood up. I also had a headache on a severity level of 7/8 on a scale of 0-10, where 10 is the worst pain ever, 24/7 for over a year wehen I visited Dean in Las Vegas at a conference. He worked with me in his gentle and caring manner and I felt instant releif. I could stand without pain when dean was finished and my headache left immediately. Dean has a gift and with his method of utilizing the Lifeline Tech. I am sure that if I can be helped so can everyone. You just need to believe. I am a true believer. Thank You Dean and Lifeline.

~IL&G Sharron BC, Canada


I have taken medication for migraines for the last 4 years, with little or no relief. I visited Dean 3xs, the last visit was 3 weeks ago, and I have been pain free ever since, without meds. Im a believer in the Lifeline Technique. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

~T.H. Malibu


Dean has helped my son overcome a very dark shadow in his life. Anyone who feels there is no hope, should give Dean a call. I will be forever grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~M. Encino


Dean you ROCK.....................Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!! Everyday is brighter and Im laughing a whole lot more!

~E.H. L.A.


Im not usually the type of person to share to everyone personal aspects of myself but I feel this is too important not to share. I heard about Dean through a friend of mine and decided to give The LifeLine a try. I have been suffering with chronic back and leg pain going on 3+ years now, and have been told by several doctors that other than taking pain medication there is not much more they can do for me. With my first visit to Dean, he reduced my pain by close to 80% in about 35 min. I still cant believe it. I just received my second session with Dean 4 days ago, and I have been pain free since. I dont completley understand how the LifeLine works, all I can say is that it does. If you have been living in pain, I would suggest trying a LifeLine session, or two!!! Thank you Dean!!!

~C.C. Los Angeles


My allergies and sinus issues are no longer issues, Thank you!

~S.W. Thousand Oaks CA


Dean, I've had a 20 history with painful cramps every month, agoninzing with pain and little relief. Its been 4 months since you"ve worked with me and I am still pain free. You have a special gift, and I am Grateful! I am hooked on LifeLine!!! :-)

~D.T. Simi Valley CA


When you first told me that my knee pain was an emotion that needed to be released I thought you were nuts. :-) You proved yourself right, your amazing. I started playing basketball again without dealing with the pain after the game. I dont even have to put ice on it! I'm still not sure how the Lifeline system works, but it does. I will tell everyone I know about you!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

~D. R. Newbury Park CA


Thank you Dean! I have had neck and shoulder pain for 5 years, taking Advil almost daily to manage it, and now its gone!!!!!!! My Doctor told me there was nothing more he could do, other than continue taking the pain killers. I write this with tears of happiness, I no longer have pain.........Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

~M.S. Moorpark CA


Having Dean work with me using the Lifeline technique has definitely been a Life changing experience. For me it was not something that could be explained as well as experiencing it first hand. I am an Ex heroin addict, I have been clean 90 days today. I have also been seeing Dean for the past 2 months and each session has literally taken a HUGE weight off my shoulders! It is the embodiment of everything I was looking for as far as a type of treatment. The Lifeline works for many "ailments" or "issues", mine having been drug addiction. It has opened up several doors for me in helping me understand the what and the whys of my life. It is physically refreshing and relieving after EVERY session! The Lifeline technique has literally saved my life, THANK YOU DEAN!!!

~B.B. Simi Valley CA


I wanted to thank you again for our session. Because of the work you did with me I was finally able to realize why I have not been able to follow through when I begin something that appears to be life changing for me. I have been "sitting" with the fact that I shut down when I get overwhelmed. All this time I felt so many negative things about myself because I would start something that appeared to be important and then just stop and not know why. So, thank you for finally bringing Light to that part of me. I now can welcome that aspect of me, love it, accept it and move through it instead of thinking that there was just something terribly wrong with me. I read on Marth Beck's website that "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional". It is empowering to know that we do have choices in how we react to every situation and realizing, thanks to you, that I can do something about how I react has changed me. I really LOVE the energy work and being able to experience first hand the changes that occur is amazing!! Happy New Year again Dean, My Very Best to you and your family and Much continued success in the wonderful work that you do!

~L. E. Simi Valley CA


Hi Dean, Wanted to thank you for the lifeline that you had done on me last night. I slept like a baby and i woke up feeling fresh and ok with the things that are going on in my life. Funny because like you said i have already thought of specific things that were going on in my life at the age of 16 and how certain things i have still held on to today and has a lot to do with me not having my own independence and knowing who i am today without trying to find my happiness in something or someone... i actually feel strong knowing and realizing that i can be independent and that i will be ok. I would love to continue the lifeline technique. Thank you for letting me share my feelings with you. Hope you have a great day. Talk to you soon. Sincerely,

~C.Y. Moorpark CA


Hi Dean, Just wanted to tell you one more time thank you so much. Honestly the weight that i have been carrying on my shoulders and in my heart has finally started to come off. All that anxiety has been holding me back from being happy. It was almost like i was scared to let go of it..Hmmm. Anyways i feel amazing these past few days.. In fact Monday morning after i only had 3 hours of sleep and a hang over...I had to spend three hours cleaning the bar, at Firenze and as Im scrubbing, I was just thinking..wow i am so happy right now, right at the moment scrubbing off bar wrought! Funny. Now I feel really good about life moving forward and continuing to work on myself without being scared and without all that anxiety! I will be forever grateful.

~T.T. Moorpark CA.


I do not know why it worked, or how it worked, but I do know that it did work! All I can say is, "It was amazing!" After waking up for 30+ years with a sinus headache and popping pills all day long to manage the sinus pressure, allergies and pain, I have been pain-free for 2 weeks! Generally, in a two week span, I would have consumed a minimum of 14 Claritin-D (24 hour), 42 extra strength Sudafed and 84 Ibuprofen. Egads! What was I thinking? In addition to the allergy and sinus relief, I am overwhelmed by the release of pent up childhood issues. I feel more at peace with myself than I have ever felt. This is better than years of therapy! Plus, it is a great weight loss program ~ I swear I feel 50 pounds lighter!!

~B.M. Thousand Oaks CA


I am someone who has been plagued by eating disorders and body dysmorphia my entire life. When I first went to see Dean, I was going through a particularly rough time. My anxiety was out of control. Dean used to the Lifeline Technique to help calm me down and center my mind. By the end of the session, I felt like a totally different person. Instead of obsessing about these strange images of my body (and everything else in my life as well..), I felt relaxed and relieved. Dean helped me see that everything IS going to be OK. My first visit was quite recently but I cannot wait to go back for a tuneup. See ya soon Dean! I cannot thank you enough for being the person that finally helped me see, everything is going to be alright.

~MB from MP =]


Ever since we've known Dean, he and the Lifeline Technique have helped my children and myself release stored energy "imprints" from previous emotional and physical trauma. These stored imprints caused enough of an imbalance in our bodies to cause both emotional and physical dis-ease. Dean also helped us to understand our part in how we attract our life experiences, both good and bad. The technique is non-invasive, interesting and it works! We have nothing but infinite love and gratitude for Dean.

~L.O. Thousand Oaks, CA


I was supposed to have foot surgery it was scheduled and everything. I have 3 bone spurs and a tight Achilles tendon. Dean asked me if I was open to a new technique on healing. So I said sure it was worth a try to prevent surgery, and considering I had been limping for a year it was time take measures. After the fist session with Dean it loosened my Achilles tendon and I was able to walk normal I could not believe it. I then need about 3 more sessions to fully get all of the pain from the spurs to go away, and its been about 8 months since my experience with Dean and wow. I canceled my surgery and actually running on a treadmill. I cannot thank him enough for giving me my life back. Thank you Dean for all you've done infinite love and gratitude.

~G. Moorpark CA


"When Dean performed the LifeLine treatment on me, I was in a very dark phase of my life. Both the treatment itself and the philosophy behind it were an important part of the process that has led me to the healthy place where I am today: no longer using drugs, working in an amazing job, surrounded by a supportive new community of friends and enthusiastically exploring the metaphysical aspects of life. "Infinite love and gratitude" are such important concepts to me now that I had the words "love" and "gratitude" added above and below my tattoo of a wounded heart that has sprouted wings.

~C.H., Los Angeles


" I have had many Lifelines done in the last year, and the results have been amazing. Decade-long symptoms are gone, as well as new ones that randomly pop up (sore back, sinus headache, knee pain, etc.). Dean is a great facilitator of the Lifeline. His demeanor is very calm and gentle and his presence makes you feel comfortable and at peace before you even begin the session. He explains the technique in layman’s terms and interjects definitions of the process as he goes along. With every single Lifeline treatment, I have experienced some significant degree of relief immediately, followed by complete wellness within 12-24 hours.

~R.S. Thousand Oaks CA


I had a 10 year history of Migraines which required me to take medication to help manage the pain. I had a LifeLine session (one) from Dean and to my amazement, I no longer suffer from Migraines. I no longer need to carry my medicine in my purse, I actually threw it away!!!! I would highly recommend to anyone, scheduling a session with Dean that might be suffering from any type of chronic pain.

~T.R. Simi Valley CA


I visited Dean one evening with really bad low back pain, and I also had blood in my urine. Dean requested that I go to the hospital immediately but because of not having any insurance, and it was late in the evening, I refused, and asked if he could run a LifeLine Session on me anyway. Dean ran a session for me, and I can honestly say, at the moment the session ended, I no longer had 'any' pain in my low back. Dean still insisted that I go see a doctor the following morning. The following morning, I still did not have any pain and there was no sign of blood in my urine. I choose not to see a doctor for a follow up, it has now been 6 months and I am still symptom free.

~J.P. Simi Valley CA


I had Dean work with my mom who lives in Florence Italy using Skype.com and me as a surrogate. She has been disabled for 10 years due to painful cyst in her wrist, she is a hair stylist. After the 4th session with Dean, my mom went back to work for the first time in 10yrs. The Lifeline techniques is truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called Dean over to my house bcause I had a really bad headache. When Dean finished the session, I had instant relief, no more pain. The next morning was even stranger. Not only was my headache not an issue, I no longer had knee pain. I have had morning knee pain for about 4 years because of my profession, I am a chef. It's been 5 months now, and I still do not have any pain. I am very grateful.

~Chef Fabio Viviani Moorpark CA


Dean worked on a toothache I had while on vacation, over the telephone, the pain stopped immediately. Unbelievable!!! Call Dean for an appointment!

~T.S. Moorpark CA


I just had major surgery and I was in a tremendous amount of pain. Dean ran 1 LifeLine session on me and the pain went away. I also recovered faster than my doctor thought I would. Thank you very much Dean!

~G.H. Moorpark CA


After feeling off kilter for over a week, I went to go to the doctor. My Doctor diagnosed me with, “Benign Vertigo”. Simply meaning, I have an inner-ear virus that is making me dizzy, with motion sickness. The Doctor proscribed me over the counter motion-sickness medication and exercises/tests for the ears, as well as lots of rest. I followed the instruction and when I was feeling well enough to maneuver through a LifeLine session, I called Dean. Within about 20 minutes, my vision began to focus, my stumbling diminished and my nausea disappeared. Throughout the LifeLine session, things continued to fall back into place. Immediately following, I felt relief and release. My ears continued to equalise throughout the night, as if I was coming down in a plain or scuba diving. Each session ceases to amaze me.

~J.M. Moorpark CA


Dean was referred to me by a friend who had been given a lifeline. He told me, "If I saw Dean, I wouldn't have to see a psychologist." (Who I was seeing once a week! With no progress.) My friend was right, IT WAS TRUE! The healing sessions with Dean are extremely comfortable and always positive. But it's not really what goes on during the session with Dean, it's what doors he was able to open within you that will lead you to a better direction for your life. Old habits don't necessarily disappear, but with Dean, you see it from a completely different angle then you never had before. Recently, I had end ties with my high school sweet heart after 7years. Since I saw Dean, those old helpless feelings were gone!!! No longer did I make sadness of the situation between the two of us, I'm not able to just let it be. I also had many, many, problems with low self-esteem. Dean opened my eyes to actually see myself, not the person I thought I was, but my true energy. Something I'd never done. It made me realize this new state of mind that I can switch to when my energy is off a bit do to stressors. IT WORKS! He's a true blessing and it's 100% natural; no perscriptions, no expensive conversations that go no where with a psychologist...just all natural healing. GO DEAN! I LOVE YA BUD!

~S.R. Moorpark CA


Knowing that my life, along with my husbands, was about to drastically change, and soon, I called Dean. I had been having sleepless nights, nightmares, and panic attacks without understanding exactly why. In my heart I wanted to be supportive, for my husband, and inviting to the changes to come, not scared. But it turned-out I wasn’t scared, I was PETRIFIED especially of the unknown. I’m a planner, I plan everything; from workweeks, weekends, days off, each day down to the minute, even vacations. Each day had a list to be completed, or the items went to the next day. I knew that this knew life we were about to embark on would no longer have a simple daily list. Within one session with Dean, I became more relaxed. I started to be more like myself, again. The future changes that have already started, no longer frighten me. I still have the occasional worry or uneasiness that occurs with anything at times, but for the most part I’m ready for the ride. My panicking prior to and during the times of my husband and I being apart, are a lot less. I of course miss my husband before he even leaves, but I no longer dread it. I now enjoy the time we spend together, and look forward to when we’ll be together again.

~J.M. Moorpark CA


I had been trying everything to learn Italian in over a year. From buying books, self-taught lessons, working with my husband and friends, watching Italian movies over and over, to taking courses at college. Nothing seemed to really be working, or sinking in. I knew I had the drive, but I just seemed to be overwhelmed. I turned to Dean for some guidance at a point of utter frustration with my brain. After bringing all of my books, CDs, and Videos with me for a session, Dean ran what he called the Matrix portal on me. As I understand it, he harmonized the energy vibration of the books and CD’s I brought, to the vibration of my body. I found my understanding of the Italian language flowed with more ease, my ears, eyes, and brain seamed to recognize and retain better than ever. Within one night, I found myself understanding others speaking Italian better and found that reading the language became a lot easier too. I knew at this time, my brain and mouth would finally work together and I would soon be bilingual sooner, rather than never.

~J.M. Moorpark CA


My boyfriend and I broke up and I wasn't taking it very well. I worked with Dean, and it allowed me to process the negative energy I was carrying, a lot faster, and completely heal. I would recommend a session with Dean for anyone who is dealing with heavy emotional energy. I feel like a new person.:-)

~J.P. Newbury Park CA


In 2006, I was playing baseball in the N.Y. Mets AAA minor league. Because of an injury to my spine, I was forced to retire from my baseball dream. I have received some of the best physical therapy treatments known to medicine along with many other types of treatments including; acupuncture, Chiropractic, Bio-feedback and massage. Through those modalities, I was able to receive temporary relief, but nothing sustaining. I had 1 session from Dean, and instantly, 95% of my pain was gone. I visited Dean a week later, had another session, and I am completely pain free. I truly wish I had met Dean while I was still playing baseball. I am in true amazement!

~A.G. Moorpark CA


I used to toss and turn at night because of insomnia, it's no longer a problem. I sleep like a baby now, and I seem to be dreaming a lot more to.

~T.A. Chatsworth CA


For many, many years, I suffered with chronic allergies. I visited Dean two times, and I no longer need my medication. I love spring time again!

~M.T. Agoura Hills CA