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About Dean


“The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life”

Healer – Consciousness – Coach - Public Speaker - Author

Dean Schaefer offers more than 33 years of service as Healer, Consciousness Coach, Public Speaker and Author. Utilizing many different modalities and intuitive insight, Dean helps people to create awareness and better understanding of the innate self–healing abilities everyone harnesses, while energetically healing the maladaptive energies and limiting beliefs that often present life’s greatest challenges. Through Dean’s work, people are able to recognize and heal energy patterns that are the basis of dis-ease, dysfunction and mental limitations. Because of Dean’s work, thousands of people have healed, transformed or soared to unthinkable heights within their own lives. In 2005, Dean wrote the book, “Imagine, Believe and Be: The Blueprint for Creating your Life.” In his book, he teaches how to create your desired life in a step by step, thought by thought and belief by belief practical method. His book has become the core teachings of his many seminars and lectures. Dean works with all demographics of people from celebrities, professional athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, blue-collar workers, students and all of life’s dreamers. Dean is able to show anyone how to tap into and use the unlimited creative energy source we call life. If you are ready to walk through doors you once believed were closed and are ready to free yourself from limiting beliefs, physical and emotional dysfunction, or you just want to learn how to fly again…then it’s time to take the first step to new possibilities.