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All you need is Love

publication date: Aug 24, 2016
author/source: Dean Schaefer

All we need is Love


Love is an energetic force that is the single most powerful energy vibration that we can experience. We cannot command love in any way shape or form. True love is without conditions, radiates independently of fear and is infinitely abundant at all times. Love cannot be bought, traded for, or sold, but can only be experienced through a vibrational sensation that is not physically tangible. Love cannot be forced upon another nor can you avoid it if it is meant to be. Love has no boundaries or territories, but can be found in all areas of our life. Love is ever-expanding, all-encompassing and does not discriminate. 

The energy force of love is within each and every one of us and when we choose to step into it, or allow the flow of love to move through us, we can only experience a peaceful easy feeling of true God energy. The old saying, “love heals all” is not a cliché, but rather, a statement of fact. The vibrational resonance of love can be measured and quantified by science. Its effects on the human spirit and the physical body have been documented as well. I myself have witnessed many times the healing nature of love, through my own practice, by simply invoking the intention of love and gratitude upon an imbalance, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. Love-energy truly heals all.

Love is a vital component for your physical health, mind and spirit. The practice of allowing, feeling, and projecting love should be acted upon daily. The act of love can be practiced in all aspects of life; self, nature, animals, universe, others, etc. The act of love can provide amazing health benefits, such as improving low self-esteem, reducing stress, decreasing anxiety, reducing inflammation, strengthening immune system, relieving pain, lowering blood pressure, eliminating depression, reducing signs and symptoms of heart disease, and having an impact on many other benefits of health and wellness. Because of this, it is important to remember every thought we generate has the ability to attract emotions that can instantaneously activate thousands of neuropeptides and hormones to either have a positive or negative effect within your body. This is why it is imperative to be mindful of the thoughts you are generating within any moment, because thoughts that are rooted in love can only attract emotions of love. It is impossible to have a balanced homeostasis if thoughts not rooted in love are allowed to linger.

True love is unconditional at its purest form. True love is permanent, unchanging and does not fluctuate. True love does not require external factors or conditions to sustain. True love is always forgiving, caring, supportive, nurturing and carefree. Because of love’s innate purity, it has the ability to lift others and yourself. True love is a state of being that flows abundantly from God energy and does not take sides. True love does not attack, criticize or judge. The innate vibrational frequency of love, which can only focus on the goodness of all life, dissolves negativity with ease and without diluting itself.

One of the greatest ways to experience true love is through acts of kindness, generosity and providing service to others. True love can never hurt anyone, is not selfish, and is above all negative impulses of energy. True love can never be used as an award and can never be used as a punishment. True love allows for all emotions including sadness, grief, anger, resentment and hate, because love is forgiving and does not attach to the identity of other emotions. True love allows for you to feel any and all emotions, while innately showing its power to transform and release all vibrations that do not serve the highest good for anyone.

There are many possibilities within our lives to witness and experience love within its purest form, but the single most powerful way to experience love is by expressing acts of self-love. Acts of self-love are the surest way to experience heaven on earth. Acts of self-love incorporate total acceptance and allowance of self. Acts of self-love are kind in nature and generous in their offering. Acts of self-love allow us to stand on our own and in our own light without the need of an external crutch, or fear that we are alone. Acts of self-love are about gratitude, self-respect and self-forgiveness and are always without judgment.

Love is the one thing that allows us to be free without fear and regret and to experience life to its fullest. Love is the vibration that forms the stepping stones of our life desired. Because the flow and feel of love is so individualized and based on our own unique experience and understanding, attempting to define love is challenging. In a way, love is without definition, without conformity, and without boundaries. Love just is……




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