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publication date: Aug 19, 2016
author/source: Dean Schaefer

Unnecessary Fear


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

It has been said that there are really only two emotions, love and fear, and if we’re not in a place of love we must be in a place of fear. But what is fear? Psychologists have categorized fear as an emotion and a feeling and not really differentiating between the two. I guess fear can be characterized as an unconscious or unpleasant feeling, something that you probably would never choose to feel but is available to everyone as a means of protection to some degree. At the most basic level, fear is an instinct of survival. Fear allows us to respond to threats and dangerous situations when needed. Without the feeling or emotion of fear, we wouldn’t know to run away in the face of danger. Fear is vital for our survival and is responsible for our innate fight or flight response. Even with the scientific reasoning of fear, that we all have experienced at times, it also seems that there is a lot of unnecessary fear within our minds, as well. Stress, which is rampant in our society, is rooted in fear.  And we all know that stress is a major cause of many illnesses and diseases, which we experience. Many times, our own mind-generated fears are a result of anticipated future experiences, a projection of what we believe potentially might happen. This simple awareness leads me to believe that we potentially experience much more fear on a daily basis than is necessary. And if there is any truth to my generalized theory, it would make perfect sense that we could live a happier, healthier life if we could just control this thing called fear.

It is my observation that most of the things we fear never come to pass. But yet, we are mentally consumed by projections of fear. We continually worry about the “what-ifs” in life but never really ask ourselves why. When we have worry or concerns, more often than not, we project a story of fear based on the worst case scenario we can conjure up. It seems very strange that we are mentally conditioned with a knee-jerk reaction of fear, when we don’t have an answer, or something new or unknown is within our direct experience. Wouldn’t it be great if we innately had a knee-jerk reaction of optimism, hope and a positive resolution? I don’t pose this question in the face of true fear, meaning an actual dangerous situation. I pose this question as a possibility to the majority of unnecessary thoughts and feelings of fear that seem to occupy our minds the most of the time.

Our imaginations are very strong and as I have written in the past, the universe responds to our imaginations via thoughts and emotions. The universe directly responds to how we think, feel, and how we use our imagination to paint a picture of our desires. So think about this: if you are continually thinking and feeling fearful thoughts and stories, and the universe creates what you focus upon, what do you believe would be the net result of a mind full of fear?  More fear! Because of this, it seems to me that the stories of fear, which are not questioned within, are a poor use of imagination. I say this because it is just as easy to create a story of happiness, joy, optimism and a positive outcome, as it is to create a story of fear. And knowing that the universe does not discriminate, and creates experiences regardless of a good, bad or indifferent thought-vibration, I would always do my best to choose thoughts that feel good and lead to the best possible experience.

A great question to ask yourself is, how would you be experiencing life differently if you had no fear? It has been said that the true life we desire is on the other side of fear. More often than not, the things we fear are more about a false story we have created than the actual potential fear to be realized. The realization of growth can be found when we face our fears and step into the uncomfortableness of the things we fear the most. Think back and try to remember how many times you have said, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” The truth is, the “that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be” is more of the normal reality you will experience when you step into your fears. It seems that the projected story is always a lot more frightening and fearful than the actual reality of the experience.

It really comes down to questioning your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Not allowing unchecked thoughts to burn out of control and become major forest fires, when you can simply douse the thoughts of fear with mental water or cover them with mental dirt. It is also about becoming responsible and conscious of your thoughts and feelings, by controlling them through awareness and not allowing them to control you. It also includes being fully accountable for your reactions and not blaming others. It’s about recognizing within that with most experiences you have a choice of reaction; the reaction of love, or the reaction of fear. You don’t have to continue to allow unchecked thoughts or feelings to control you and wreak havoc on your mental and wellness state of being. Take charge! Become aware! Empower yourself! And remember, as Franklin D. Roosevelt stated, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”




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