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publication date: Aug 24, 2016
author/source: Dean Schaefer



Resistance is not allowing what the universe shows us. When we resist, we stop creation. ~Unknown

Allowing is the opposite of resisting. Allowing sets us free. It is the willingness to accept that which comes into your experience without resistance. This does not mean you have to continue to settle for the outcome of a particular creation or embrace a situation that is not to your liking. It simply means to allow what is, without passing judgment and labeling, and to begin focusing on what you want, if in fact your current experience is not what you desire.

By allowing what is, and not resisting it, you flow with the current of the universe and become aware and present minded. So many times we use words such as no, but, can’t, don’t, shouldn’t, won’t, if only, to name a few. All of these words offer resistance to what is and give way to negative energy vibrations. The more you push against what you do not want, the more you will create what you do not want.

Our society is a macro version of resisting. Over and over we hear about the war on: terror, drugs, gangs, illiteracy, cancer, etc.  Although people mean well by doing this, they do not understand how the law of attraction matches them with their energies. We must focus on what we want, instead of what we don’t want! Once we focus our collective consciousness on peace, health, knowledge, and abundance, we will start to create and share in a world which doesn’t resist anything. That which is undesired will no longer exist.

Remembering that you create every experience/situation you encounter, will help reinforce that anything - at any time - can be changed to your liking and acceptance. Sometimes, however, you may be so focused on a grain of sand that you lose sight of the entire ecosystem. You don’t always understand what is and why it is happening to you, but you can be sure you created it with a single thought. The ever-expanding universe is always answering your thoughts. Your every thought will be manifested, if you allow it. The key being ‘if you allow it’, without time restraints or conditions.

One must understand that just because you imagined the path of your desire to appear, it does not mean the universe of creation will always follow that path or course. Allowing also sheds light on not knowing how desires might arrive. To truly allow, you cannot wonder about the how, for that is the job of the universe to handle. Allowing is setting the intention of what you desire, holding the necessary vibration for that particular creation without worry or concern, and completely detaching from the outcome of how it might come to be.

There are numerous dynamics involved when the creational universe manifests intended desires into experiences. Because of these dynamics, the old saying “be careful what you ask for” comes into play, along with the ability to be aware of the vibrational output you are maintaining within any moment. If you move in and out of a particular vibration regarding an intended desire, you start a new vibration of creation each time you waver. Because of this you might begin to believe that your desires are not being answered, when in fact they are being answered moment to moment. It simply comes down to being unaware of your vibrational output. Each and every new thought and/or emotion that goes unchecked, restarts the creative process over again, which leads you to believe your desires are going unanswered.

For example, imagine you want to create a new home for your family. You set your desire into motion, by expressing it out loud and creating a mental image; which you then bring to life in your mind by visualizing the new house. You take time to feel the excitement and feel all the positive emotions associated with your new home. You continue to believe - without a doubt - that this house is yours. You see yourself from the endpoint and watch it unfold towards you. You continue to hold this created vibration for a few months, but still you are no closer to seeing your desire become a reality. After a few months, you realize nothing much has happened and you begin to lose sight of your desire. In fact, because the house did not manifest within your preconceived timeframe, you begin to replace the thoughts you once held, which were positive and creative, with negative thoughts of disbelief. Once your thoughts change to a negative pattern of disbelief, a chain reaction of ‘lack’ begins to work against everything that you initially began to create. Because of this, the new energy overrides the old energy that was once in motion and begins to create anew.  But this time, the energy is not about belief of what could be, it’s now heavily weighted into a belief of what is not. And thus the game of back-and-forth continues.

The art of allowing is without prejudice. The universe will create for us - good, bad or indifferent, dependent on the maintained vibrational output. More often than not, it’s your own concept of time and lack of patience that determines whether or not you will continue to hold onto, or change the thoughts and emotions of your desires. The creative universe does not occupy the same time space boundaries or limitations that we impose, but rather, it operates with divine flow, correspondence and timing. This is why sometimes we give up on our ability to create our desired experiences. Maintaining your energy vibration is truly the key to maintaining your desired outcome. Without fail, if you truly want something, you must believe that it is on its way, regardless of the amount of time it might take. True allowing aligns itself with divine faith. One does not stop believing in their own faith because they have not seen the eternal land. You continue believing as if you know it’s going to be……… even if it takes a lifetime.


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