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Acceptance and Tolerance

publication date: Aug 24, 2016

Acceptance and Tolerance


It seems to me the world would be a lot more peaceful if acceptance and tolerance were practiced as a daily intention, rather than the seemly, “my way or the highway” attitude that is so prevalent in society. We all carry many beliefs and standards that we hold onto, and use as a personal doctrine of how we are supposed to act and behave. These self-created thought forms of beliefs and standards that we so whole- heartedly hold onto, become the empirical belief system that makes us believe that all should think and feel as we do.  And when we witness others acting and behaving differently than we have deemed acceptable, in our own minds, the mental conflict begins. This conflict begins a cycle of “Ego” generated dialog about right vs. wrong, with the lack of tolerance and acceptance that other possibilities exist.  And just because other people’s concepts don’t match our own, this conflict starts the cycle of persecution and judgment of their creeds and beliefs.

The question that stands out for me is, “who gets to decide what is right or wrong?” Right and wrong are just concepts and judgments of one’s mind. I understand the concept of right and wrong when one is seemly causing harm to an individual, but what about when it’s just a ‘right vs. wrong’ argument where no harm is being inflicted, other than to one’s “Ego”. It seems that many people become so offended when another’s ideas or beliefs don’t match their own. This non-matching of ideas and beliefs has caused bloodshed and heartache for millions upon millions of people over the course of our existence on planet Earth. The senseless violence we have witnessed, because of belief systems, based off of nothing more than concepts, is ludicrous in my opinion. I truly believe it is a form of mental illness.

One of the main causes of “belief mental illness”, as I like to call it, is religion. The acceptance and tolerance that is much needed today in our world, to help heal and create peace, must start with religion. I believe if there was an absolute truth, as to how we are to act and behave, it seems to me there would be “one word or religion” that all people of the world would innately resonate with. For me that one religion is Acceptance and Tolerance.

The truth is, no one really knows the way. We all have our ideas and concepts, but as far as a divine truth goes, none of us will know until our own individual day of transition comes. Until then, there is no reason why we can’t all hold an individual religion as our own and live peacefully with one another. Like I said, as long as we are not causing harm to each other, right or wrong is an individual concept or thought form, if you will. A belief is just a belief, based off of a story that we have created by ourselves, or one that we borrowed from someone else. Acceptance and Tolerance are the key to understanding our way is not the only way, that the reality is, there are many ways.

Religion is only one facet of the imbalance of Acceptance and Tolerance in our society. The list starts at religion, in my opinion, and continues with politics, race, and gender and so on......Having acceptance, allows us to step into the ebb and flow of life without the need to change anything because of our fears. It is a trusting in the universe that things are as they need to be in the moment. Acceptance allows for all energy to flow as it was created without judgment. When we accept what is, without judgment, by default we effectively remove the concept of stress from our lives. For how can we continue to be stressful if we are not fighting an imaginary battle within? The battle of resistance to what we are experiencing in any one moment.  Tolerance allows us to face our fears; the fears we hold, that anything different than we know or believe, does not have to be fearful. It’s an allowance that there is room for many beliefs other than our own, with the possibility of expanding our own perceptions and holding the potential to create a new way of thinking and believing. Tolerance allows for openness of the mind. It allows for a mind not to be closed with narrow view points, but rather, it helps to expand the possibility of things new and wonderful not yet experienced by the individual.

When we practice Acceptance and Tolerance, we take control of our lives by becoming open to new possibilities without fear and judgment. We effectively raise our own vibrations for the greater good of ourselves and mankind. When we practice Acceptance and Tolerance, we align ourselves with the common thread and frequency of the many religions of the world; LOVE, COMPASSION and KINDNESS. In essence, by practicing Acceptance and Tolerance, we create the possibility of a new religion, a new religion that we innately resonate with, called “Unconditional Love”.




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