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What we focus upon grows..

publication date: Aug 15, 2016
author/source: Dean Schaefer

What we focus upon grows


‘What we focus upon grows’ is a basic fundamental knowledge in understanding how we create our lives. To understand this completely, one must make the full connection that our thoughts are energy and that the universe creates directly from our vibrational energetic output. As I have said in the past, the universe is a creative force. Because of this, it is important to be conscious of your thoughts and feelings within a moment because the universe creates, regardless of the input. The universe is creative in nature and only creates based on the vibrational energy that you alone manifest. If your vibrational output is positive in nature, the resulting creative manifestation will be positive in nature. The same concept applies when you have a vibrational output that is negative; the resulting creative manifestation will be negative in nature.  It is essential that you become aware and mindful of your vibrational output as you move through life.

When you are not aware of what you are thinking and/or feeling, that is usually when something undesirable shows up in your direct experience. It is at this time, that you challenge the creative nature of the law of attraction. Many times when an undesirable situation manifests, you might say something to the effect, “how did this show up?” Or, “why is this happening to me?” Or you might say, “how did I manifest this, I would never choose this experience.” Questions like these are always a direct result of not being mindful and aware of what you are thinking and feeling in the background of your thoughts. Your attraction field is created in the feeling aspect, behind your forward thoughts. It is what you truly believe at heart about a particular situation or event. It is directly connected to those unspoken thoughts and internal dialogue that you might think inside, though never allow to surface.  You get that universal surprise of experiencing something that you would never have chosen to experience when these thoughts, feelings and beliefs go unchecked.

It is impossible to create a heartfelt desire, if the thoughts you are having are not in direct alignment with what you desire. You cannot expect to hold peace in your life if you are thinking about revenge. You cannot expect to experience lasting health if you are constantly bombarding your mind with fears of sickness or ill health. The background thought, or belief, is the main source of your individual vibrational output. This is why when you put on a happy face in a situation that obviously adversely affects you, the happy face is usually not enough to turn the situation around at that time. This is because behind the happy face is an obsessive force of energy. An all-consuming force of energy filled with anger, resentment, fear, guilt, insecurity, or whatever negative emotion you might be holding. It is within these obsessive thoughts, that are keeping your attractor field alive, and not necessarily in a good way. These obsessive thoughts and feelings have an enormous amount of energy behind them, thus creating a matching vibration of energy. But again, you are not usually aware of the amount of time you allow these obsessive thoughts and feelings to be a part of your vibration. And because of this, you experience things that you would have never chosen to experience.

The concept ‘what we focus upon grows’ is not necessarily a result of the forward conscious thoughts you are aware of, but rather, the heavy background thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are the building blocks of your perceived reality. If you think about it, even if not mindful, those obsessive thoughts running in the background are like a computer virus and will begin to create unwanted experiences. So the focus aspect of this statement, ‘what we focus upon grows’, is more about the true, deep, inner thoughts and beliefs, than it is about what you might be thinking in any one moment. And that background focus has the ability to override conscious thoughts, because of the strong concentration of energy that is driving them. This is why it is so important to be aware of what you may be thinking and feeling.

Absolute awareness is the key to experiencing the positive side of focusing upon a thought or a feeling and allowing it to grow for your true benefit of self. Absolute awareness requires you to practice mindfulness of thoughts and feelings and accepting full responsibility for any and all experiences. Focus is the key whether you’re competing in a sporting event, studying for a test, or whatever you might want to be proficient in doing. Focus is what allows you to achieve your goals and experience all that life has to offer. It is important to remember that focus is not always about thoughts that you’re conscious of, but rather the energy behind the thoughts and the amount of time you choose to hold that energy.

With this new awareness, you have the ability to gain wisdom of how you are directly responsible for creating your life. Being armed with the wisdom ‘what we focus upon grows’ helps to shift any finger-pointing and blame for the world around you and allows you to look within. When you look within and pay attention, you begin to understand the creative process and your direct role in this process. The realization of your direct role within this process is truly learning how to become an alchemist of thought creation and holds the potential to guide your life exactly how you want to experience it. It is not by accident that the experiences of life show themselves to you on a daily basis, but rather, it is driven by an innate creative force that is available to any and all of us, and is directly created by how you think, feel and believe.

Continued focus allows you to keep moving forward towards your goals and your dreams, and touch those things you have yet to experience. The direction of your focus, positive or negative, is always a choice that you can make if you choose to become accountable and aware. You are always in control but you are not always aware of this simple fact. The simple truth is, if you change your thoughts and challenge your held beliefs, you have the opportunity to change your life with a little redirected focus.



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