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Its your Story

publication date: Aug 1, 2016
author/source: Dean Schaefer

It’s your Story


Have you ever thought about the collection of stories that actually makes your life your own? Think about it, every detail of memory or thought you have ever had is just a story, a story that you control. Every utterance of belief regarding how circumstances are in your life is just a self-created story. How you feel about your work, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, finances, illnesses, accidents, life situations, school, economy, politics, tragedies, health, etc., is just a story that you have created. Have you ever heard the saying, ‘there are two sides to every story’? (There are actually many sides but for simplicity, I will keep it at two.) How can this statement be true, especially when we all know what we saw or heard the moment we created our own story? As the story goes, every experience we perceive can only be based on knowledge of past experiences, beliefs and or understandings of an event. Because of this, many people can witness an event at one time, and end up with a different recollection of what they believed happened. This is seen first-hand in most relationships when there is an argument of sorts. One side is stating their facts as truth, while the other side is stating their facts as truth, as both parties are thinking to themselves, “What the hell are they talking about?” Right?  This is because we all have different perceptions based off of our past conditioning. The truth is, when we are genuinely coming from our own heart space of truth, as we recall an event, and we are sharing our own story about it, there are no wrong stories. The great truth about all of this is the fact that we can change our story if we don’t like the original one we created.

How many times have you stated the potential outcome of something you have no knowledge of, and only because it causes you fear, you react by projecting a fearful story about it? Or for example, have you ever said or heard anyone say, “The only way to be successful is through hard work”? What does this story really mean to an individual? Successful can mean many things to many people but for argument’s sake, let’s assume it means that in order to have lots of money you have to work hard. From my experience, this statement is both true and false. I know a lot of people who work very, very hard and have little to show for it. I also know people who are very rich who did not work hard. I also know people who have worked their butts off and are very successful while others I know haven’t worked very hard and they don’t have much as far as financial success goes. So, is this statement a truth of life, therefore, not a story? Absolutely not! It’s just a story, a story that you either believe or you do not believe. All too often, we say and believe things in life that really have no basis regarding anything other than it’s a story that we have told ourselves, or one we have heard elsewhere. Yet we hold on and defend our story as if this is the word from above and we need to champion our attachment to it. Everything we think about is a story of original origin or one we picked up along the way. When you really think about it, what is the truth that we base our story off of? Again, it seems to be based off of our past conditioning. And because of this, how can “truth” really ever be defined. My truth is my own; it has nothing to do with anyone else’s. Just as your truth is your own; and it has nothing to do with anyone else’s.

Our life is just a collection of stories, good, bad, or indifferent. Think about every judgment you have ever had; it’s just a story. We can’t escape this simple truth. When we think about someone or something we don’t like, it’s not actually the “someone” or the” something” we don’t like, it’s our story about the “someone” or “something” we don’t like. Think about it...let’s say there is this person in your life that has wronged you in many ways. The story you hold regarding why you are angry with them or just don’t like them is justified in your mind because of the past experience with them. Now ask yourself, if I didn’t have this story about so-and-so, would I still feel the same way? It’s the story about “whatever” that makes us not like a particular experience. It’s not directly the person nor the event, it’s the story we attach. Because of this, the simple argument can be made that it’s impossible to hate or dislike anything; we can only hate or dislike our story about it. 

The awareness of our own story telling is an amazing and profound truth we all harness. This simple awareness allows us to re-write, if you will, the experience and outcome that better suits our vibrational attunement. We can all reach back to some point and time in our life where we have felt heavy dark emotions that still linger. With the awareness of our story telling, we can re-write the story to feel better if we choose. We can change the position from victim, to one of empowerment and gained knowledge. We can change the story so that it feels better and give us strength to better help our future as we continue to grow and learn, rather than keep us stagnant with an energy that does not benefit us. The stories we choose to keep and create are the driving force of our attractor field. Our stories are always our choice: change your story, change your life.


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